ODDA Korea issue 1 Jacob Elordi

ODDA Korea issue 1 Jacob Elordi

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ODDA magazine launches the first issue of ODDA Korea, published and distributed in Seoul, our e-commerce and other key fashion capitals.

The magazine feels strongly that it is important to bring our perspective of fashion to South Korea, which has proven itself to be a bastion of creativity and artistry. Korea’s global influence on fashion, music, and culture is stronger than it ever was and we aspire to have ODDA be a part of the Korean conversation.

ODDA wants to share our vision of fashion with our Korean readers and hope that it will broaden the creative horizons in Korea even further. For it is when we feel connected to others, even those millions of miles away, that we become members of a global community of creatives.

ODDA Korea is the result of combining our identity as a magazine and that of South Korea. Providing a bridge between who we are with the strong values of the Korean culture. The ODDA Korea issues will be a compilation of some of the key features and photo shoots that appear in the global edition of the magazine along with special features created just for Korea such as covers, interviews, and specials. ODDA’s goal is to both broaden the understanding of the publication’s unique identity and to underline how ODDA has been able to combine touchstones of Korean life with the more global fashion conversation. Blending the talents of their artist, their history, and their tastes with those of the rest of the fashion community to create an even more inclusive and global publication.

The first issue counts two covers: Soo Joo Park and Jacob Elordi alongside interviews to artist Jeeyoung Lee, Jeon Mi-kyung director of Seoul Fashion Week, Charles Jeffrey, Astronaut Jessica Meir or Maria Grazia Chiuri in conversation with Alicia Keys.

The decision to publish ODDA Korea is a clear indicator of how significant the country has become to the global fashion industry and ODDA wanted to highlight this fact by honoring the country with covers of the Korean supermodel Soo Joo Park and the Australian actor Jacob Elordi. ODDA feels that both cover subjects and their accompanying profile articles will resonate strongly with the fashion-forward nation.

ODDA Korea is about our humanity and where we should be moving forward from here. It's about the power of listening and learning, teaching others while simultaneously focusing on becoming more humble, real, and continuously learning from other cultures.


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