ODDA 18 Wellington Grant

ODDA 18 Wellington Grant

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ODDA Magazine’s 18th issue explores the process one embarks on in goal-fulfillment and in arriving within a common, heterogeneous and cross-generational space––where belief, ideas and one’s dreaming facilities engage with the inspiration and innovation behind thoughtful change in the world. 

For Spring/Summer 2020, we share 7 covers including 8 cover subjects. From that of Eva Herzigova, Snoop Dogg and Cordell Broadus, Eliot Sumner, Adesuwa Aighewi, Wellington Grant, Akon Changkou, and Roan B Stone, a dynamic variety of perspectives are conveyed, suggestive of our present state and in understanding how to conjointly move forward by way of the united effort––we are perhaps of differing backgrounds, yet with common purpose, and most essentially in addressing the concerns we share today and their real-world solutions. In these subjects we also find an inclination of charitable endeavors in the name of genuine and lasting progress, a passion for the poetic, contribution to cultural landscapes that shape us in a number of ways, and the ability to participate in irrefutable strides forward.

In this message and moreover joined by those such as Anna Dello Russo, Christian Lacroix, Kerby Jean-Raymond, Nicolas Party, Richard Quinn, Tyler Udall, Tinashe and more––we realize that we consistently receive back what we put out. Our actions and responses lined up become that of our personal fates and in the collective one we share. In presenting honest emotions and in the spirit of courage and optimism, we focus on the power in building trust and the necessity in being a part of the conversation in order to push it forward. However dormant, forming or otherwise ready and energized, the raw creative material of expressiveness rebuilds the world in one’s vision of new ways of living together. We speak on these sentiments with ODDA 18’s array of subjects, with the desire to sharpen our understanding on how we’ve arrived, to learn something new altogether, and to share information so that we actively participate in creating our future.

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