ODDA 17 Pierce Brosnan Limited Edition Japan

ODDA 17 Pierce Brosnan Limited Edition Japan

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As a principal component of ODDA Magazine’s issue 17 ‘Connections,’ released an exclusive cover for Japan with Mr . Pierce Brosnan– a first in the history of the publication and the platform it represents. This expansion was guided by the deep relevance Asia hold globally in all forms imaginable – as well to us on a personal level.
The magazine has become re-stocked in celebration of Mr Pierce Brosnan Birthday, May 16th, with a very few copies available worldwide.

ODDA Magazine 17, titled 'Connections’. The global covers were Austin Butler, Pierce Brosnan with his sons Dylan and Paris at their family home in Malibu, Sasha Luss and Sean Koons – we found several voices that we connect to at length.
The issue explores our relationships as one of its core pillars. That which we give power to we inevitably engage in relationships with. Our memories show us a vision of tomorrow, hopefully and ideally inclusive of what is cared for by us. We walk toward this tomorrow with those that surround us: those we love, those we may not know very well yet support our objectives and unconditionally encourage us, those whose missions we equally become connected to. Our decisions are informed by all of these things and much more, at all times. The examination of that which we are connected to is worth acknowledgement, a checking in with, and always with a certain gratitude.

FW 19-20 trends, with a contemporary approach to the fashion of tomorrow. Special stories such as Balenciaga or Dries Van Noten to profiles of new designers like Rui Zhou and Ninamounah, and with a deep approach to the current aesthetics pushing forward celebrities to a strong connection to the readers of today and what they would like to wear..., we explore in the Fashion side the real identity of the industry and the consumers of today and tomorrow.

We engage and share exchanges with Betye Saar, who will soon celebrate the opening (Oct. 21) of a solo exhibition ‘The Legends of Black Girl’s Window’ at the MoMA in New York, and voices such as Heron Preston, on where we are today and in how we respond to the issues of our times – those current topics that determine our future to which we face collectively and are ultimately responsible for – at least insofar as in the way we respond. Marine Serre reflects on her label’s fundamental commitment to create with environmentally-focused practices that inevitably reframe the way in which we interpret and experience used garments and that which they may become or Jonathan Anderson and his unique approach to the industry, photographed at JW Anderson's new HQ in London.

This issue presents 61 interviews with an array of content that extends to unique and original portraiture of our 71 subjects – from Dries Van Noten to Sara Sozzani MainoAlexander Fury, Christian Louboutin...

In special collaboration with Gucci, we have created 3 mini books whose photographs were shot in Iceland – letting us reinterpret some of the most celebrated natural landscapes on our planet in a time where doing so is necessary in order to fully understand that which we aim to preserve and is connected to us for life.

#ODDA17Connections special edition JAPAN

*For circumstances out our control (Brexit and Covid-19), we experiment delay in our shipments.

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