ODDA 20 Marjan Jonkman cover #2

ODDA 20 Marjan Jonkman cover #2

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The ODDA 20 Spring/Summer 2021 issue, “There Is a Time” features 8 different covers that celebrate friendship, roots, identity and memories. Each of them are also connected to the personal experiences and reflections of the members of the ODDA team. They mix together innocence, tastes, personality and fashion all into the same conversation. 

Andie MacDowell in conversation with Anne Lamott, Omar Ayuso in conversation with Florian Zeller, Marjan Jonkman and Ellery Harper. 

This issue of ODDA is all about honoring and celebrating “YOU” as a human being, extolling what you enjoy doing everyday, the small routines that make you smile as well as those dreams or plans you discuss with your friends, lovers, or family. ODDA 20 is about finding the time and finding the answers when you thought there weren’t any. It's about reflecting on the importance of what you do, why you do it, and taking a moment to remember why you decided to do it in the first place. 

In this issue we had the pleasure of speaking with designer Kris Van Assche about the connection between identity and dreams. Artists Sunil Gupta and Bob Colacello take us back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s, not just visually but they also unpack those era’s messages about human rights, fighting for freedom and other memories that we should keep in mind as we move forward. There are also powerful conversations with the fashion talents of tomorrow such as Namita Khade or a reference in the British scene, Richard Malone. Designers whose pursuit of sustainability and craftsmanship will lead the way in helping our industry provide a brighter future for our planet, give a sense of purpose to consumers, and imbue each piece with a higher intrinsic value. We also sat down with Derek Blasberg, the head of fashion and beauty partnerships at YouTube, to learn more about the value of storytelling when it comes to how we communicate our narratives on social media platforms. While Harvey Mason Jr., the chairman of The Recording Academy, which is famous for the annual Grammy Awards, discussed the powerful role music has played in the past year and the overarching challenges the music industry is facing.

We also explored the world of Balenciaga and how you can see it through your own eyes, the expansion of the inclusive AMI Paris label and the future vision of Louis Vuitton. We examined the idea of the modern “suit” approach that is taking hold in the new generation of designers. Working with brands like Boss to explore the blended evolution of dressing, where elegance and casual wear mix and how you dress is defined by who you are.

“There Is a Time” for yourself, for him, her, they, us, them as well as for changes, pursuing dreams, making goals or exploring possibilities.

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