JW Anderson Pride Series 3 - cover #2

JW Anderson Pride Series 3 - cover #2

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For the third year in a row, ODDA is happy to be celebrating PRIDE with JW Anderson. ODDA x JW Anderson symbolizes freedom, love and the meeting point where the two forces collide. PRIDE, for us, is the ability to move with confidence through this world, with our heads held high, proud of who we are, what we have become and how we will grow. 

Decorating our Pride 2023 ODDA x JW Anderson Series 3 covers is international model and friend, Moritz Hau, wearing the JW Anderson STUDS COLLECTION. This is the first time that Mortiz has been fully nude for a cover to express the freedom, joy and love that he feels towards his body.

Three limited edition covers are available this season, showing Moritz exploring the pride collection, bare. Products include the Printed Heart Key Ring and the Printed Silk Scarf, all exuding an anonymous, welcoming undertone. 

Portions of our sales will be donated to The Outside Project, London (@lgbtiqoutside). While we celebrate the pride we have for our identities, we are aware that many are facing circumstances that gravely affect their lives. The Outside Project provides a safehouse and refuge for the LGBTQIA+ Community, who are targeted for who they are.

The ODDA x JW Anderson Series 3 covers will be an additional printed layer feature to the ODDA 24 Issue. 

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