Boxes for Charity: ODDA x JW Anderson 1/3

Boxes for Charity: ODDA x JW Anderson 1/3

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The final touch of the Limited Edition featuring Fernando Lindez and the iconic JW Anderson Penis Keyring lands in 3 foam box set versions of the covers. 

The box, which is held closed by rainbow rubber bands, features an additional image of Fernando in each box shot by Jaime Huidobro and Creative Director David Martin on its face, a multicolored ODDA branded pieces of playful jewelry pinned to its cover and a stud embellished version of the now iconic JW Anderson penis keyring, which the label created as part of its partnership with Tom of Finland. 

Only three of these collectable ODDA 20 box set Fernando Lindez covers are available. They have been created to celebrate Pride month and those who buy in one of these foam box issues will know that the money they invest will go directly to help organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community. 

A portion of the sales will go to the Tom of Finland Foundation

The box is just the latest artistic initiative in a long line of charitable projects that ODDA has dreamed up since it launched a decade ago. Each one has been undertaken to help give voice to communities that have long been silenced or are facing a challenging moment in their life. 

Price: 250 Euros


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