ODDA No. 25 “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi” Fall 2023, Winter 2023-24, Spring 2024 and Preview Summer 2024

ODDA No. 25 “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi” Fall 2023, Winter 2023-24, Spring 2024 and Preview Summer 2024

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Given the history of ODDA, we are not afraid to step out of what is considered normality and break even our own traditions. In the true, authentic and refreshed style of ODDA, we are excited to present our first issue dedicated entirely to menswear. The focal point? Dior Men. In a 250-page special edition, ODDA No. 25 “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi’” Fall 2023, Winter 2023-24, Spring 2024 and Preview Summer 2024 explores the carefully curated universe of Dior Men with specific focus on the current era under Artistic Director of Dior for the Men’s Ready-to-Wear and Accessory Collections, Kim Jones. Placing focus on renovation and rejuvenation at the hands of remembered tradition, ODDA No. 25 “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi’” dives into the legacies and historical standpoints that continue to influence the modern day. From the individuals aiding its elevation to the collections that so delicately summarize its current direction, this special edition searches high and low for the mechanisms that allow it to be, as Kim Jones describes, a “well-oiled machine.”

The famed and multifaceted individual that is Robert Pattinson graces the cover of this new age for ODDA Magazine. Why Robert, you may ask? Outside of being a longstanding ambassador of Dior Men and layered friend of Kim Jones himself, Robert represents both the timeless and ever changing. As an actor who has never cemented himself to one skill or expectation, Robert continues to surprise the world–all qualities that we at ODDA consider familiar. In conversation with Kim Jones and renowned journalist Jo-Ann Furniss, the three dive into what makes a Dior man and the extensive relationships that exist between them all. 

Devising authentic relationships is something that Kim Jones has become particularly renowned for across his time with the French maison. Outside of the close and intimate circle that he keeps for himself, the designer has continued to link Dior’s past with its present through its artistic collaborations. ODDA No. 25 “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi’” explores the roots of this, from KAWS to Stussy we traverse the time-frame of Kim Jones’ tenure. In turn, this led us to his recent projects with contemporary art’s most prolific profiles including Peter Doig and Japanese artist OTANI Workshop. Having both released collections with Dior Men over recent years, the realm of art is more prevalent now than ever before within Dior. To best explore Peter Doig’s latest collaboration with the Dior Men Ski Capsule Collection Spring 2024, we met with Alexandre Grimadi–son of Albert II, Prince of Monaco–in his home city. Yet, it is also the cultural affiliations that extend the significance of these projects. 

Travel, culture and exploration formed an essential pillar within the initial founding of Dior–much of which continues today. Iconic visions such as that of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, from the iconic Dior Men’s Fall 2019 Collection held in Tokyo, give further insight into the importance of representation and alternative creativity. In turn, discussions with Cyrill Gutsch of Parley for the Oceans, expand on the sustainable efforts in place for the luxury maison with the Beach Capsule Fall 2023. Treading deeper into the untouched, we speak with Casting Agent Shelley Durkan. Casting lead for Dior Men under Kim Jones, Durkan elaborates on what and who Dior want for their runway, plus why Cairo’s Men’s Fall 2023 Collection collection will always be her proudest moment. 

ODDA No. 25’s “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi’” visual exploration of Dior Men led us into the heart of the archives, creating clear comparable links between the womenswear at the time of Dior’s creation and the modern day menswear lines–something that comes as no surprise since Kim Jones frequently explores the archives of Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior to fuel his own creative prowess. This fueling of creativity comes not only as a continuation of the existing legacy, but also is a prime example of the rejuvenation present under Kim Jones–examples of which are the CD Diamond Logo and The Saddle Bag. Both have become emblems of Dior’s pursuit of modern craft excellence, but have been reappropriated under Kim Jones for maximum impact. In both cases, ODDA No. 25 “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi’” visually evaluates their historical journeys while our research helps us understand why. 

Delicately adorned, Dior Men has become renowned for its accessories. From the Dior Oblique Accessories to the Dior Fall/Winter 2023-24 Accessories and Jewelry, ODDA No. 25 takes you on an immersive journey throughout the issue to recap on the power of simple additions. Such notions also extend to Dior Maison where we sit down with Pierre Yovanovitch to discuss his ongoing collaboration with Dior. 

In a final note, ODDA No. 25 “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi’” Fall 2023, Winter 2023-24, Spring 2024 and Preview Summer 2024 takes a moment to speak with the emerging generation, about their lives, passions and their thoughts on Dior Men. From the pottery skills of Billy Keogh wearing Winter 2023-24 to the mental health advocacy of actor Armani Jackson, ODDA No. 25 “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi’” speaks to those leading with their creative vision. 

In turn, Dior continues to listen to their youth in order to pave the future. Such happenings take us to Los Angeles to speak with the select few Dior Men youth ambassadors all the while wearing their B57 Sneakers. Ranging from hairstylists like Vince Gracia to comedic superstars like Benito Skinner, Dior Men have tapped into the future of the young generation, giving a voice to those fighting for their own creativity. 

As we embark towards the end of the year of 2023, we hope that you are able to find refreshment and revolution in a new age of ODDA Magazine. Beginning a new chapter with a new found sense of creative vision, ODDA No. 25 “It is that ‘Je ne sais quoi’” Fall 2023, Winter 2023-24, Spring 2024 and Preview Summer 2024 sets the bar for what is to come looking forwards. From the creative outlet of Kim Jones and his team to the many voices contributing towards its expansion, we hope that your understanding of Dior Men’s capacity and capability is expanded fourfold. Revel in its existence and bask in a new season for ODDA Magazine. Happy Holidays. 

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