ODDA 10 Spring/Summer 2016

ODDA 10 Spring/Summer 2016

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Tributes...I can imagine what you are thinking. Why venture into this theme?
Well, to me, paying tribute to someone or something is very important. We are irrevocably defined by those that roamed this world before us. As change, turmoil and evolution have always paved the way for innovation. Without the past, we are nowhere.

This issue therefore is an eight chaptered homage to the defining subcultures of contemporary society. Some of these perhaps are more present then others, but what they all have in common, is the fact that they have an impact. Together they form a well balanced statement on the past, our present and eventually the future. New generations will judge us on how we choose to evolve. So why not move forward propelled by a dash of heartfelt integrity.

When I initially started to plan out this issue by defining the subcultures we wanted to explore, the first thing that sprang to mind was: respect.

So who are these tribute-laureates?
First up is Michele Lamy, a true observer. A woman with such a unique personality and an effortless sense of self confidence. What she represents, truly marks who she is. For us, she was documented in her home, through the curious lens of the talented Mr. Julien D’Ys. The images profoundly capture her rich spirit and expressive nature. In another section, we feature a true icon. Joan Collins is a star coming from the sky. She has been a shining beacon, ever since we first glanced upon her in Dynasty. Her grace, beauty and ravishing personality have enchanted us all along the way. On a completely different note, we speak to Larry Flint, who invites us along to explore Hustler and his most dynamic past. We had an intimate chat with him, in his amazing and most private LA office, where Larry showed us his true colors.

Next to these visually incisive features, we should not forget, that fashion still is 50% made of words. They too frame any tribute perfectly. In a dynamic conversation between Ms. Suzy Menkes and Jessica Michault, we explore the ins and outs of where fashion is heading. Naturally, we loved to reminisce a little too, as these stellar observers shared their fondest sartorial memories.

What I really want to express by listing some of the starlets featured in this issue, is to mention the fact that we have to remain open. Nowadays, it is evermore important to listen, read and learn. We are indeed part of a larger universe, than the one we have sculpted for our individual selves. This observation is further underlined by Tschan Andrews, who expresses her concerns in an encounter directed by talented model Sylvester Ulv.

Our evolution for ODDA 10 therefore is about bridging fashion and the unique cultures that nourish it. We aim to pay respect to the past and the future of this eclectic industry. Through these visual essays, editorials and dialogues, we wish to provide you with a clear overview of the dream that fashion embodies. One that never seizes to seduce.
I personally want to dedicate this number to all the people that have inspired me, taught and challenged me over the past six months. They provided that most valuable of insights; to be whomever you choose to be.

So who are you? Who are we? Who am I? Perhaps, the individuals in the following 576 pages can provide some answers to these enduring questions.
As, in the end, we truly are what we choose to see, read and feel.

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