Jewelry for Charity: ODDA X Tétier Bijoux - Bracelet

Jewelry for Charity: ODDA X Tétier Bijoux - Bracelet

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ODDA magazine will be selling three exclusive Tétier Bijoux pieces created by jewelry designer Florence Tétier made from recycled and found goods, set on palladium as a charity initiative. The funds raised by the sale of the jewelry will be donated to Extinction Rebellion, a social movement with the goal of pushing governments across the globe to change their environmental policy measures.

Florence Tétier’s jewelry line, Tétier Bijoux, is born out of the beauty of discarded things. She turns plastic forks, combs, beads, and so much more into marvelously unique high fashion pieces. Using only a heat gun and her imagination, she creates stunningly structural, candy-colored blossoms that are deployed as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hairpieces.

The three pieces selected in partnership with Tétier are a earring, a bracelet, and a hairpin. Each piece of jewelry will come in a box lined in environmentally friendly paper and will be sealed with a wax stamp emblazoned with the ODDA logo.

Bracelet dimensions:
18x15x11 cm

*For circumstances out our control (Brexit and Covid-19), we experiment delay in our shipments.

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